About NHS

Need High Speed, Inc. (NHS) is a Colorado company dedicated to providing Internet and telecommunications services by the best means possible. Frustrated with the lack of DSL and Cable modems in many areas, and the expense of T1s, NHS deployed a wireless network extending from Southern Ft. Collins to Castle Rock and has been providing Internet service since 2000. NHS targets customers looking for a high quality wireless service, static public IPs, and no content filtering. 

NHS has expertise building private wireless networks with up to Gigabit Speeds. Using licensed or unlicensed spectrum, these networks offer excellent alternatives to fiber, as well as a diverse path to backup fiber for mission critical connectivity. Wireless deployment is quick, secure, and can't be cut by the backhoe.

In addition to wireless networks, NHS provides Connectivity by traditional means. By working with multiple T1, T3, and fiber providers, we can help your company meet their communications goals and budget. Often a combination of wireless and traditional services provides an optimal solution.

Where some providers had you a fiber, T1, or T3 and walk away, NHS offers hardware, software, and full integration and consulting services to make the most of your communications investment.

Free initial consultations are available.
Contact Sales@NeedHighSpeed.com with your project or communications problem.  $0 MRC OC-3 between your buildings? Gigabit to New York? These are the problems we enjoy solving.