Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my Home Owners Association keep me from getting your wireless service? Do I need a permit? Can they make me pay a roof fee?
A. Not usually. The Telcom act of 1996 allows us to install your service without permits or hassles from your HOA. Click here to view some specifics on the Telecom act of 1996.
Q. What POP3/SMTP servers should I use:
A. POP3 server:
    SMTP servers :    SMTP.needhighspeed.net

Q. What news server can I use?
A. news.needhighspeed.net
Q. What DNS servers can I use?
A. and

Q. Can I dialup NHS when I'm away from my high speed connection?
A. NHS focuses on wireless and contracts out dialup though a 3rd party.
   Dialup is available, but offered as a separate service
   and not included in the price of wireless service. Please contact
   sales@needhighspeed.com for more details.

Q. Why doesn't the Ethernet (ETH) light doesn't stay on on my radio?
A. The light is an activity indicator, not a link light.
   Some radios have a link light on the RJ-45 Jack.

Q. How can I easily read e-mail when away from my high speed service?
A. Visit http://webmail.needhighspeed.net/exchange