NHS | Gateway to Support

Need High Speed provides several on-line resources for your general technical support needs.  These on-line resources are intended to assist you in non-outage situations.  If your service is down, please call the Technical Support Line:

Toll Free: 1.877.942.0979 ext. 30 
Denver Metro:
303.942.0979 ext. 30

For general technical requests and resources follow the links provided below:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) | Answers the most common questions about your NHS service.

Network Status | Shows known issues with the network and scheduled outages.

My IP | Click this link to show your current IP address. Tech support may ask you to use this link for troubleshooting.

My Trouble Tickets | Click this link to login to the billing system, which is also used to track your trouble tickets

To report a problem with your service please login to the trouble ticket system, or e-mail support@needhighspeed.net, You will automatically be assigned a trouble ticket number. If your e-mail isn't working, please use the My Trouble Tickets link above.

My Support | Customized support pages for business and residential customers with extended support contacts (password required.)