128K to Gigabit where you need it.

NHS provides the network solutions and services you need to make your home or business run smoothly. Specializing in wireless Internet services, NHS can provide you the high speed Internet you need, especially in areas that don't have DSL or cable modems.

Need High Speed Wireless Internet  

Wireless is available in many areas not served by DSL, Cable, or fiber. Call us to find out how you can eliminate the wait for fast Internet access. Speeds from 128K to 155 Meg are currently deployed with Gigabit services available by special request. Both FCC licensed and unlicensed services are available.

Need High Speed Wireless WAN

NHS has helped corporate America eliminate or reduce their monthly communications bills using both FCC licensed and unlicensed services. One client spent over a year trying to get a fiber OC-3 between their buildings. We were able to provide a 155Mbit wireless solution within weeks, not months or years.

Need High Speed Wired Building

Traditional T1 to Gigabit services are also available. Contact us for a quote.

NHS is lighting buildings up and down the Front Range are so that tenants can provision services in days, not weeks. Landlords, ask about how our services can add value to your building at little or no cost to you.